Electronic Lab Inventory
Model Description Manual HPIB 
TEK 7704A Oscope 200 MHz Mainframe Y  
TEK 7633 Storage Oscope N  
TEK 7A26 Vert plugin Y  
TEK 7B53A Horz. Plugin Y  
TEK 7D13 Scope volt meter plugin N  
TEK 7A13 Diff. Vert scope plugin Y  
TEK 515 Portable 500 type module mainframe Y  
TEK DC505A Universal Counter plugin N  
TEK AF501 Audio Filter plugin N  
TEK AM501 OP-Amp plugin N  
TEK C53 Oscope Camera   
HP 8620 RF Sweep Generator Main Frame Y
5051-S Power Design power supply 0-50 volts 1.5 Amp N  
IP28  (2) Heath Power Supply 1-30V 1Amp Y  
IG18 Heath Audio Signal generator  Y  
Microdot Function Generator  N  
920-5101 Logmetrix signal generator 11-80 MHz N  
HP86230B Sweep Generator Module 1.8-4.2 GHz Y  
HP3438  Digital Multi Meter Y
HP86220A 10-1300MHz Sweep Generator Module N
HP86245A 5.9 - 12GHz Sweep Generator Module  Y
Interview 3500 RS232 analyzer Y
Tektronixs DM501 DVM module N
107B Lampkin 10 kHz- 1GHz N  
9009 Racal-Dana  Modulation Meter Y  
43 Bird Watt Meter  
Bird Slugs: 250 Watt 2-30MHz
100 mWatt 72-76MHz
10 Watt 50-125MHz
5 Watt 100-250MHz
100 Watt 100-250MHz
1 Watt 95-125MHz
25 Watt 100-250MHz
0.1 Watt 174MHz
50 Watt 200-500 MHz
100 Watt 200-500 MHz
5 Watt 400-1000 MHz
3 DB power Att.
K205 Gould Logic Analyzer 48ch 100 MHz Y
115TC Omega temperature meter  
3440A Ballantine RF mV meter Y  
I/V Tracer (50type module) Y  
FFT 512/S Wavetek/Rockland Realtime Spectrum Analyzer Y
Y - I have the manual.      
N - I do not have the manual and I am looking for one.      
blank - I do not have the manual and I am not looking for it.      

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